Looking to Buy, Sell or Lease IPv4 addresses?

Hizakura is the industry leader in facilitating the commercial transaction and transfer of IPv4 addresses.

Buy IPv4 Addresses

Looking for additional IPv4 addresses? Hizakura can help you!We are always up to date about the new IPv4 addresses and can help you buy the IPv4 broker. With the help of your requirements we are able to find the best possible match.

Sell IPv4 addresses

Not only can you buy IPv4 addresses, it is also possible to sell the IPv4 addresses you already have.Do you have IPv4 addresses that you are not using? Consider to sell these addresses. We can help you with selling, because of our buyers standing by!Hizakura can guide you through the process and help you with all requirements. We have experiences for more than a decade so we always find a solution!

Leasing at Hizakura

Not sure whether to buy or lease IPv4 addresses? Leasing could be your best option when purchasing is too expensive for you. Sometimes it is better to lease IPv4 addresses instead of buying them.At Hizakura, we have clients for you that offer IPv4 addresses for rental. The IPv4 addresses can be rented short-term and long-term.

IPv4 acquisition process

Acquisition request

After we get your application containing required IPv4 range size, your budget and additional requirements, we find an available corresponding offer from our database or wait for one to arrive.


We negotiate a Brokerage Agreement, and after your payment is secured, we begin preparing address space transfer documents.

Ownership transfer

We prepare a formal agreement between a buyer and a seller as well as all the additional papers and send them to the RIPE NCC on your behalf.

Concluding transaction

After we get ownership transfer confirmation from the RIPE NCC, we pay out the funds from escrow to a seller.

Supported Payment Methods

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