Safely Buy IPv4 Addresses

Organizations from around the world rely on Brander Group to safely Buy IP Addresses in ARIN, RIPE & APNIC. We support you every step of the way from pre-approval, contracts and fully managing the entire IPv4 transfer process.

Why choose us?

Total WHOIS management IPs
More than 17 thousand of IP addresses to lease for the moment
SWIP Geo locations IPs
Free ASN registration when ordering IPv4 addresses
Free reverse DNS support
BGP announce anywhere

IPv4 Address Exhaustion

In 2011, the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) announced that IPv4 address space has been exhausted. While a small number of companies began to make the switch to IPv6, a majority where reluctant to make the switch. In the years following, ARIN, RIPE and APNIC had all given out the remainder of their IPv4 addresses space, which forced everyone to buy IPv4 addresses on the secondary market.The process of buying IPv4 addresses can be very complicated and unclear. There are very few places that someone can buy IPv4 blocks and even less information about the actual IPv4 transfer process. Worse off, there are no published rules or guidelines to ensure the purchased IPv4 are legitimate and clean.

Hizakura IPv4 Methodology

As a trusted a partner with ISPs, telcos, hosting providers and enterprises alike, Hizakura has developed strong and long lasting relationships in internet. In recent years, we decided to help our clients buy IPv4 address blocks due to the overwhelming demand and lack of transparency in the industry. Thus, we became the preferred partner to buy IPv4 address blocks for ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions.Hizakura has developed methods to uncover legacy IPv4 address space which has been vastly unknown and therefore not utilized for years. We have put forth efforts to help these companies identify their IPv4, clean it up, and then sell IPv4 to organizations that have a true business need.

Streamlined IPv4 Purchasing Process

Our team created IPv4 buying guidelines, streamlined the approval process and generated mutually beneficial IPv4 purchase agreements to protect buyers and sellers. Because we work with both sides, we have a high level of quality control from start to finish during the IPv4 buying and transfer process.The Rather than making people go through a complicated IPv4 auction, we offer competitive and fixed IPv4 prices. We also continue to offer a white glove service to our 1000 + global IPv4 clients in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions.

Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to sell IP addresses?

Yes it is legal to sell IP addresses. Each regional internet registry created policy to allow organizations who are the rightful owners of an IP address block to legally transfer the rights of the IPs to a third party organization.

How do I request IPv4?

You can request IPv4 addresses by signing up with your regional internet registry (RIR). Each RIR has their own requirements to get an account and require different justifications to request IPv4 addresses

There are 5 RIRs covering every continent in the world:

  • American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
  • Réseaux Internet Protocol Européens (RIPE)
  • Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)
  • Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Center (LACNIC)
  • African Network Information Centre (AFRNIC)

Can you sell IPv4?

Yes you are allowed to sell IPv4. Each regional internet registry created policy to allow organizations who are the rightful owners of an IP address block to legally transfer the rights of the IPs to a third party organization.

Where can I buy IPv4 addresses?

You can buy IPv4 addresses from organizations who currently own them and have no need for them any longer. Typically these organizations use a partner to sell their IPv4 addresses.

How much is an IPv4 address worth?

IPv4 addresses have increased in value significantly since the global exhaustion in 2015. Originally starting out at around $8 per IP address, the prices have increased around 20-25% every year. Today, and IP addresses is worth around $40 ~ $55 per IP.

  • 2016: $8 per IP
  • 2017: $12 per IP
  • 2018: $16 per IP
  • 2019: $20 per IP
  • 2020: $26 per IP
  • 2021: $45 per IP
  • 2022: $50 per IP

How do I purchase an IP?

  1. Create Online Account with your regional internet registry.
  2. Get pre-approval if required
  3. Review an IP address block
  4. Sign IPv4 purchase agreement
  5. Make payment
  6. Submit transfer ticket
  7. The RIR approves transfer

How much does it cost to buy an IP address?

The prices for IP addresses vary depending on the regional internet registry, size of block and how clean it is. While IP addresses used to cost as low as $8 per IP, currently value at $40 ~ $55 per IP.

How much does a /24 IP cost?

In todays market, and /24 IP block cost around $8,000 ~ $10,000 (USD). The prices vary based on the region and how clean the block is.

How many IPs is a /16?

A /16 IP block, also known as a Class B network, has 65,536 IP addresses.

Can I buy an IPv4 Address?

Yes organizations can purchase ARIN, RIPE and APNIC IPv4 addresses. Each region has specific guidelines that must be met in order to buy the IPv4 addresses and transfer them into their account

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