Terms of Service

1. Applicable Law

The applicable law for the company Hizakura B.V. which is operated out of Leiden, the Netherlands is Dutch law.

2. Jurisdiction and Venue

Hizakura B.V. is a company operated out of the Netherlands and falls under Dutch jurisdiction. It is registered at Bargelaan 200, 2333 CW Leiden. The venue for any law suits shall be the Netherlands in the city of Leiden.

3. Liability

Hizakura B.V. assigns address space in good faith and according to the RIPE NCC's guidelines and regulations. Any misconduct is without Hizakura B.V.'s knowledge and without Hizakura B.V.'s consent. Therefore Hizakura B.V. is not liable for any misconduct of its clients.

4. No Refunds

Unless your service is no longer provided you are not entitled to a refund.

5. User Tracking and Cookies

This website uses cookies and employs user tracking, by using this website you agree to the use of cookies and user tracking.

6. Payment

Payment is due immediately, if your invoice is overdue you will get terminated immediately.

7. Blacklisted IP Addresses

If your assigned IP address gets listed on the Spamhaus or Barracuda blacklist a fine of EUR 100, +VAT if applicable, per blacklisted IP address will be charged and your service will be immediately terminated.

8. Due Diligence

During the validation process various documents may be requested.

9. Use of common sense in regards to the usage of Internet Protocol(IP) Resources

Clients are required to use common sense when they are in doubt if an activity is acceptable, if you need to ask whether your activity is disallowed it probably is.

10. Abuse Policy

Any form of abuse will result in an immediate termination, you are required to keep your service secure at all times.

11. Backups

You have to maintain your own backups.

12. Traffic Anonymizer

Services that anonymize traffic are forbidden. An example of this is the Tor service, you are not allowed to run any kind of traffic anonymizer and will get terminated immediately if you do so.

13. Best Effort

Services are provided on a best effort basis without any guarantees.

14. Bulk Mailing

Any form of bulk mailing is not allowed and you will get immediately terminated if you bulk mail.

15. Mail Ports

Open mail ports are a privilege and not a right.

16. Copyright Infringement

If you infringe on copyrights you will get immediately terminated.

17. Data Loss

Hizakura B.V. is neither responsible nor liable in case of a data loss, you are required to keep your own backups.

18. No Hand Holding

Services are provided for professionals and captains of industry, there won't be any hand holding or software support.

19. Accurate Account Details

Any information you provide needs to be kept up to date at all times, if you provide wrong information your service will get terminated immediately.

20. RIPE NCC Database Assignment

Your information will be used to create a RIPE NCC Database Assignment for the Internet Protocol(IP) resources you are using.

21. Validation.com Verification

Before your service is getting activated you will be verified via Validation.com.

22. Service Provisioning and Verification

Services are not automatically provisioned and accounts are not automatically verified, please keep this in mind and wait at least 72 hours before inquiring about your order.

23. Email Address Verification

Your email address needs to be verified before your service is provisioned.

24. Controversial Services

You are not allowed to host controversial content and services. If there is a good chance that other people think that what you are hosting is a problem it is a problem.

25. Service Duration

Your service is provided for the duration of your billing cycle and may be discontinued afterwards.

26. Inflation Adjustment

After 12 months of service your service fee will get adjusted on a yearly basis if necessary.

27. No Reselling

Services are not allowed to be resold.

Acceptable Use Policy

Check our Acceptable Use Policy here.

Additional Terms

Services provided by partner or vendor of Hizakura requires additional terms and policies.

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