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Join Hizakura and start leasing the IPs your business needs. With Hizakura, you no longer need to look for a solution to the shortage of IPv4 addresses. Become part of our family and start leasing IPs as if you own them yourself.

Why do we need to have an IP

  • Terms of leasing IPs ?
  • Is it possible to use RIPE IP space out of the RIPE service region ?
  • What is meant by the change of WHOIS information ?
  • What is meant by change of geo location ?

Terms of leasing IPs ?

We sign a contract, payment by bank transfer or credit card.

We prohibit use of our IP addresses to send spam.

We use a contract with unlimited prolongation.

Is it possible to use RIPE IP space out of the RIPE service region ?

Yes it is possible and not prohibited. This is described by RIPE policies.

What is meant by the change of WHOIS information ?

Changing the information in inetnum objects in the database RIPE NCC: country, org, person.

Creation of necessary objects: org and person.

What is meant by change of geo location ?

Under the change of geolocation we understand the change of the data in three major services that are professionally engaged in the collection and updating of data to determine the location of data about IP addresses.

It services,,, change the data in these services allows for 99% solve all issues with geolocation of IP addresses.

The databases of these services are updated once a month, why the change of location takes two to four weeks from the date of filing.

You also need to understand that there are thousands of whois sites that are self-collect location data and IP addresses use old and not relevant database, automatically change the data on the thousands of sites is impossible, but over time, location data, IP addresses are updated on all sites.

Why choose us?

Total WHOIS management IPs

More than 17 thousand of IP addresses to lease for the moment

SWIP Geo locations IPs

When ordering IPv4 lease the ASN registration – free

rDSN support free

BGP announce anywhere

Why lease with Hizakura?

Join Hizakura and access the IP assets you need to grow your business. We offer fully automated and cost-efficient services that ensure full control for every Hizakura client.

The cost-efficiency of leasing IPv4

With the Hizakura marketplace, leasing IPs has never been more straightforward. Moreover, leasing IP addresses is an extremely cost-efficient way of scaling your business. If you want to save money and build a sustainable Internet ecosystem, join Hizakura.

All RIR availability

We offer a large pool of IPs and a great selection of subnets from all RIRs at attractive & competitive prices. We work with AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE NCC registrars across the globe to ensure that our clients can enjoy rich subnet availability.

IP reputation upkeep

Our highly experienced anti-abuse team is ready to handle any abuse incidents around the clock. We work to prevent spam, fraud, phishing & other types of IP address abuse. Automation and real-time monitoring are set in place to keep all IP assets reputable.

Full automation stack

Hizakura’s full automation stack was developed with customers in mind. Our stack ensures quick & smooth services for both IP address lessors & lessees. As an IP address lessee, you can join Hizakura and start using the services instantly and independently.

Easy provisioning

Assigning & removing IPs has never been easier. With Hizakura’s provisioning solution, you can manage & monitor IPs quickly and easily. Use our custom provisioning dashboard to manage your resources, set pricing & lease time and check WHOIS information.

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